Aircraft plastic interior repair

Aeroglue UV glue box opened

Aeroglue offers ready-made colorized UV glue kits for repairing plastic components in any aircraft. When you order such Aeroglue repair kits, its glue is already in the exact same color of the surface that needs repair: 


Aeroglue offers colorized UV glue solutions for repairing plastic interior parts in any aircraft. With Aeroglue, your MRO team repairs tray-tables, backrests, armrests, galleys, and luggage compartments in minutes - all to a fraction of the price of original OEM parts.

Aircraft interior photo tray-table

How to repair plastic aircraft interior components with Aeroglue?

Aeroglue UV glue box closed

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The colorized Aeroglue repair system at work

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Which clients use Aeroglue products?


Actually we define 2 types of clients using Aeroglue products, ones with certification authority, and ones that rely on third party certification expertise.

Organizations like KLM or Lufthansa have their own certification authority, these companies have immediate access to Aeroglue products. Others are welcome to rely on the expertise of our Dutch certification partner, Sii Group Netherlands.


With one single Aeroglue kit you renew dozens of plastic interior aircraft parts, invisibly repaired because available in the exact same color of the surface that needs repair. The basic handling of the Aeroglue repair kit goes as simple as 1-2-3: apply-cure-polish-done!
Instead of throwing away cracked parts, Aeroglue plastic component repair contributes to the reduction of plastic waste material. Instead of buying new, your aircraft interior component is spotless repaired, fully safe meeting aviation regulations, and in line with your process schedules, thus very cost efficient.