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Aeroglue UV glue time table order process

Time schedule order processing

As you can see, any repeat order is so much faster processed than your initial order. When your repeat-order is ready we can even ship it overnight, all around the globe. Your first order does take some time to process, but, both the certification process as well as the material analysis are non-recurrent events, of course.

The Aeroglue workflow starts with your sample

The Aeroglue product development starts with a unique workflow; we can't do anything until you provide us a physical sample of the part that needs repair. When we have received your sample, it will be analysed in our laboratory to determine:

•    exactly which type of material your component is made of.
•    exactly which forces the material has to withstand.
•    exactly what texture the surface hides.
•    exactly what color the component reveals.
•    exactly what degree of gloss the surface reflects.

The moment we have translated the material analyses into a glue recipe that is unique to your specific requirements, we continue to serve you with saved time, ease, and unique adhesive power. By the way, to be able to do proper research on your sample, it has to be taken apart, permanently.

Aeroglue UV curing light Scangrip pen

UV glue curing light

Aeroglue chose the rechargeable handheld Scangrip curing light for curing all of its glue products. The great benefit of this Scangrip product is its reliability and sturdyness. Because of the fact that the Scangrip pen light can be used 'out of your pocket', your MRO team can either repair the damaged items in the aircraft itself or in the work station of your choice.

This curing light is absolutely safe to work with. No special attributes needed, other than protective eye wear and the included battery charger.

Please add this product to your puchase details when ordering. This product is listed independently from the Aeroglue repair kit. You can order these curing lights as many as you like, as for tools, no supplementary aviation certification is needed.

Aeroglue offers colorized UV glue solutions for repairing plastic interior parts in any commercial aircraft.

To be able to pinpoint the exact color of the item that needs repair, it is necessary to provide us a physical fragment sample of that very component. This of course is a non-recurring event prior to ordering. 


No public branch is more directed by safety than the aviation branch. Any change to or in an aircraft must first be engineered, verified, and documented. When all of these steps have been completed succesfully, they have to be checked and certified. Every airwortiness certification process of the Aeroglue product lays in the hands of our dedicated certification partner

Since every Aeroglue product is a one of a kind, the certification process deserves special attention. Luckily our certification partner knows how to deal with this complex procedure.

If you like Aeroglue to work for your MRO procedure know that the product you purchase always matches worldwide aviation safety regulations, both listed by EASA and FAA.
If you prefer the certification process to be handled by your organization itself, then that is also possible. Check this option when ordering.

Our certification partner is able to certify any modification in any type of aircraft as a design partner (PART 21 J), as a production partner (PART 21 G), or as a maintenance partner (PART 145).

Aeroglue UV glue box certificate (sample)